Thursday, October 25, 2001

I'm thinking about staying up today so I can finally straighten my sleeping schedule out. But then I think, if I change my schedule, I'll be awake to my mother and food all the time. Nevermind. That would be hell. Other than that, I updated my diary's template, but it's hardly noticable. I still like the new look though. I tried making it look okay on different resolutions because they're actually people with 600x800. o.O
I'm thinking about avoiding everyone today because I just don't feel like pressuring everyone into my problems or bringing them down to my level. Ashley seems alot acceptable to my complaining than most people which is really nice, but I can't help but to think, "Gee, I wonder if she really does hate hearing this?" She already has alot of problems with herself and Sean. Does she really need Sean's sister adding on to her bad days? Ack, I don't know. I wonder where Katie is. I'm worried right now. I'm tired and drowsy, but I can't fall asleep and that PISSES me off. Sean's "too busy" with his video games so I can't talk to him and later on, he'll be too busy with Elyse. Well, I know he cares about me so I'm not really angry, just disapointed. I'm going to fall asleep in a few hours, if not right now, so I can avoid everyone during the day and possibly ditch food. I'm not really in the mood for eating. I might just result in vomiting. Oh well. I'm getting fatter anyway so I might as well fast for a week. Mind you, if you notice alot of the same words in my diary - this is my memory log for it, not another diary. I might post some pictures and what I'm eating on here also, but not now. Remember, kids, before I fall asleep, that I love every single one of you and one day, I shall have sex with you. Goodnight :P *molests people* >:D

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Ah, this is the place where I will create masterpeices of spam. Okay, it's just a boring babble - sort of like a memory log for my diary.
I love you.