Friday, November 09, 2001

*I'm AlterLain and Renzy Beoulve is Sean. I'm copying & pasting this log because I just don't feel like getting into detail about this right now. As you can tell, I had no idea which Chris he was talking about until he said he was "the one who moved away". I was speachless and wished I could help Sean out because I know for a fact he was depressed. I felt weak because I couldn't and Elyse could. Enough now - you can read if you're interested.

Renzy Beoulve: Did you know my friend Chris died?
AlterLain: What? :\
Renzy Beoulve: Matt told me all his friends were making a joke about it at school. They were talking about people they know who have died./
AlterLain: If this is a joke, it's not funny. But if it isn't, I'll listen.
AlterLain: Internet friend, Chris?
AlterLain: What happened to him?
Renzy Beoulve: Kim said she wasnt suprised he died and that he probably deserved it and everything.
AlterLain: What happened though?
Renzy Beoulve: I think he got in an accident or something...
Renzy Beoulve: someone tried to say he got shot, but Royce said it was a car accident.
AlterLain: Wow...
AlterLain: Are you ok? :-(
Renzy Beoulve: I dunno, that was a shock...just out of nowhere... o_O;;
AlterLain: When did it happen?
Renzy Beoulve: Sometime in the summer or a little before is what matt said. They were all making fun of him and stuff...
AlterLain: Eh? I'm not understanding. Matthew made fun of someone dying? Not cool...
Renzy Beoulve: no, his friends
AlterLain: And how did his friends know Chris? I assume hes a internet friend?
Renzy Beoulve: Not him
Renzy Beoulve: in my friend chris from school...who moved.
Renzy Beoulve: He died.
AlterLain: Walker?
Renzy Beoulve: Yes. :\
AlterLain: .....
AlterLain: Why did Kim say it wasn't a suprise and that he deserved it though?
AlterLain: Who is Kim?
AlterLain: I feel weird... I didn't even know him.
Renzy Beoulve: A girl who knew him from school
Renzy Beoulve: I feel weird...I did...and he was like my best friend for awhile...
AlterLain: Thats not funny... god.
Renzy Beoulve: :-(
AlterLain: How did they find out? I thought he moved far away...
Renzy Beoulve: His friend Royce still kept in touch with him.
AlterLain: Wow...
AlterLain: Are you talking to Matthew or someone else about this?
Renzy Beoulve: Talking to elyse
AlterLain: I already feel depressed much worse now. I can't imagine how you're feeling.
Renzy Beoulve: I feel blank... I can't believe it happened... I want to cry but I cant for some reason...
AlterLain: I know that feeling. It makes you feel guilty...
Renzy Beoulve: Yeah.. I should be able to cry.... I really cared about him..
AlterLain: I didn't cry for alot of people. I think I loved them. People just react differently...
AlterLain: You feel just as much pain as a person who cries. You just can't get it off your chest because you're blocking the idea of it happening. It's like its just a rumor...
Renzy Beoulve: Royce wouldnt lie..sadly....but I still wish it were just a lie.. >_<
AlterLain: Who is Royce?
AlterLain: I'm scared now... if Chris can die, I can die anytime...
Renzy Beoulve: His other really good friend.... He used to die his hair a whole lot and stuff....we were his best friends.